Classic DayClock
Finally. A clock designed for those who are fortunate enough to measure life by the day. Your friends and loved ones will keep track of RV adventures, tee times, fishing trips and sunsets on the beach with this great new gift idea.

The patented DayClock helps you keep track of the days of the week, with a special notch to determine when it's noon. The DayClock is available in Oak or Mahogany. It is powered by a single AA battery. Please contact me for current pricing.

Who Should Have One?
This is a novelty gift for the person who is hard to buy for. It is the perfect gift for your mother or father in a retirement home. Or how about your grandparents for Christmas? Surprise your husband with a gift for his hunting or fishing cabin. And don't forget your in-laws. The DayClock would be perfect for their recreational vehicle.



Contemporary DayClock

Our sleek contemporary style DayClock combines the information of our Classic DayClock, the day of the week, with a traditional wall clock, the time of day.

Together it provides a new way of looking at time.

This DayClock comes in an elegant platinum finish or oak finish. Why settle for just the time when you can have the day as well?

The Contemporary DayClock is designed to look great in the office, home or in your new motorhome. Is there someone you know who would enjoy this great looking clock? Please contact me for current pricing.




How It Works
The patented design divides the face of a clock into 7 equal pie shaped sections, one for each day of the week. The day hand moves continuously making a complete revolution every 168 hours or once a week.

The lines dividing the days indicate midnight. The midpoint above each day indicates noon. Halfway between the midpoint and each line indicates 6:00 A.M. and 6:00 P.M.